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60 Year Old Ninja on his second day of training

Posted on: November 8th, 2017 by JulieJ No Comments

I just had to get a quick video of our awesome 60 year old visiting Ninja from Ohio! He signed up for two personal Ninja Warrior Training sessions with David, and he got really good in a short amount of time! Forgive my hair, I was in the middle of my workout and I saw him being awesome so I had to shoot a video.

Rhino Story: Nicole Gets Rid of her Anxiety

Posted on: November 2nd, 2017 by JulieJ No Comments

Nicole finished the Rhino Challenge, even as a mother with a full time job! When I interviewed her at the end of her challenge, I was amazed at what she told me. She said she used to have really bad anxiety all the time, at least 3 times a week. During the challenge, she had ZERO anxiety attacks. She said she really mellowed out and nothing affected her anymore. “At work I have a lot of responsibility, but for 1 hour per day I didn’t have any worries. Brent is such a good coach. The constant encouragement and the constant support was amazing. No one just stared at me wondering what I was doing. It was just so peaceful in his class.”

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Nicole has come so far in just a few weeks!

Favorite part of the Challenge: The Boot Camp and CrossFit Classes

Biggest Accomplishment: Cutting out all the treats. “I used to always eat tons of ice cream, and now it’s replaced with mangoes! I’m in love with Mangoes now!

Biggest Change: Having tons of energy and getting rid of her anxiety

Biggest Physical Change: I have arthritis in my shoulders really bad and I couldn’t even do arm circles. Now I can do overhead squats (squatting while holding a bar overhead) because of the shoulder rehabilitation my trainer had me do. I can even do a handstand pushup! I couldn’t even do pushups on my knees before, but now I can do real pushups and handstand pushups