Camp Rhino Schedule

We also have Saturday and Sunday events and challenges** for only $15 for everyone!

Open Gym

Monday-Friday 5AM-9PM, Saturday 6AM-5PM

There is a trainer on the floor to help ALL members with the daily circuits or individual obstacle training

If you need help registering, just give us a call at 702-767-8797 or email


 All Classes are included in Full access (and full BCLV) memberships except those outlined in yellow.

Keep in mind, we have 99 outdoor Boot Camp classes  during the week all over town (included!)!

You may also Drop-In to any of these classes by clicking on the link to them.

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Boot Camp*




Beginner Boot Camp 7:30PM-8:30PM


Beginner Obstacle Training*

9:30AM Saturdays


Boot Camp Games

Check out the schedule to see when our next games will be!

CrossFit Games

Check out the schedule to see when our next games will be!

Obstacle Course Conditioning*

Class will resume soon. Keep an eye on our schedule!

Beginner Obstacle Training*



Sunday Morning Training Event/Challenge (Track, towers, etc)**

(Check out the Calendar to see the next Saturday or Sunday Event!)

We welcome drop-ins.

You may come in anytime during business hours to try the obstacles or complete a circuit with the trainer on the floor.

Drop In

(if you’re a full-access member, reserve your spot for classes at the front desk of Camp Rhino or call 702-767-8797)



Special Events** $15 for everyone
Classes* included in full memberships

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