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We welcome drop-ins.

CrossFit is designed to prepare the body functionally for any and every challenge. Someone recently checked out the Camp Rhino facility and said, “This is the perfect place for CrossFit. You can test your body anytime on actual obstacles and functional challenges to track your progress.”

(You must have your On-Ramp completed, at any CrossFit Gym, in order to attend regular Cross-Fit classes)

Drop-In for a CrossFit Class

Sign up for our beginner CrossFit On-Ramp Program

We would be happy to register you manually, just give us a call at 702-767-8797 or email admin@camprhino.com

We have a limited number of CrossFit spots. If you’re a full-access member, reserve your spot at the front desk of Camp Rhino or call 702-767-8797.

If you’re a drop-in, click the above link, create a log-in, and book your session.


We currently offer classes at 4:30pm-6pm and 6pm-7:30pm. Also, the daily WOD’s will be posted for avid CrossFitters to come and follow (or you can train on your own using all the obstacles.)

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