Camp Rhino Drop-In Sessions

Drop-in to try the obstacles anytime 5am-9pm Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm Saturday and 8am-noon Sunday!

First CrossFit, Boot Camp or Krav Maga class is free for locals!

Drop-in: $25 only $15 for first-time locals! (You may just come visit us and look for FREE!)

Bulk Savings: 5 Drop-In Passes for ONLY $20 each.

Drop-in amounts may be used towards a membership. If you drop in for $15 and want a $99 trial membership, your first 2 months will be only $84 total!


Drop-Ins include:

  • Full Class Schedule!
    • All Levels Obstacle Training Classes
    • Beginner Obstacle Training Classes
    • Obstacle Conditioning Classes
    • CrossFit Classes
    • Boot Camp Classses
    • Yoga Classes
    • Random Mystery Classes offered on Saturdays (Keep an eye on the calendar)
  • Introduction to Camp Rhino
  • Facility access

TOURISTS: Hang out for days, or even weeks! Just buy the drop-in passes. Keep an eye out for our official 3 day camps, coming soon!

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