Rhino 100 Obstacle Challenge

January 16, 2016
Camp Rhino, Las Vegas, NV

2016 Events TBA

Earn the coveted Rhino ‘100 Obstacles’ Challenge coin by completing all 100 obstacles! This race is one of a kind. You may choose to race the TEAM or Individual Elite heat. All participants will receive the coveted ‘Band’ (a tradition started by BattleFrog and kept by OCRWC) that you keep until you fail an obstacle. The team division will receive a TEAM Band, because teamwork is allowed for completing obstacles in the team heat. The team division participants will only lose their individual band if they cannot get through the obstacles with the help of their teammates.


TEAM Heat: 8am start time, 10:00am cut-off

Complete the obstacles in any order with your team or individually. When there is an obstacle you cannot complete individually, you may complete that obstacle with the help of your teamates. In order to receive your 100 Obstacles Coin, you must complete 100 Obstacles, but may substitute obstacles if needed. I.E. two 4-foot walls equals one 6-foot wall. However, your individual band will be cut-off if substitutions are needed.

The obstacles will be released daily on the Rhino 100 Obstacles Challenge Facebook page!

Individual/Competition Heat: 11am start time for Ninjas, 11:15am start time for all individual. 1:15pm Cut-Off (Whoever is furthest at the cut-off wins)

The Individual heat is a UNAA Area Qualifier. The top 20 Individuals (Male/Female mix based on % participation) will advance to the Regional Qualifiers, and then the finals.

UNAA FINALS Prize Money:

1st = $10,000
2nd = $2,000
3rd =  $700
4th=   $450
5th=   $350

Complete the obstacles in any order individually. There will be 100 obstacles PLUS Ninja Warrior BONUS obstacles. The Ninja Warrior Bonus Obstacles are not necessary to complete the challenge or keep your band. However, the more Ninja Warrior obstacles you complete, the higher you are scored for the UNAA Qualifier. You must be separately registered through UNAA prior to the event to qualify for the UNAA Regionals.

The individual heat will be scored first by how many Ninja Obstacles were completed, then finisher times with bands, then the remainder. Ninjas must complete all 100 obstacles in order for the Ninja Obstacles to be scored.

The obstacles will be released daily on the Rhino 100 Obstacles Challenge Facebook page!

Coins and TShirts

T-Shirts: Everyone who registers before January 2, 2016 will receive a 100 Obstacle T-Shirt and a Bib with all the obstacles listed on it. Volunteers at each obstacle will check mark obstacles completed. Registrants after January 2 will receive the bib, and may buy a T-Shirt at the event while supplies last 🙂

100 Obstacle Challenge Coin: Everyone who finishes 100 obstacles (substitutions are allowed) will earn the 100 Obstacle Challenge Coin

The Coveted BAND: Individuals will receive an individual band, and each teammate on teams will receive a TEAM Band at the start. Once an obstacle is failed, the band will be cut off and will not be given back. (Teams are there to help their teammates, but the band is only lost individually) Do not let this discourage you, but instead decide to train with determination and a ferociousness of spirit to keep your band.

Prices (Volunteer and save 45%)

$95 per person

Save 45% by volunteering! Use code VOLUNTEER45
If you are in the Team Heat, you will volunteer at one of the obstacles in the Individual Heat. If you are in the Individual Heat, you will volunteer at one of the obstacles in the Team Heat!

Save 40% by signing up before midnight November 30th. Use code EARLY40

Save 30% by signing up before midnight December 15th. Use code EARLY30

Save 20% by signing up before midnight January 2nd. Use code EARLY20

Note from Julie, Race Founder and Director

Usually I put on these crazy challenges and the only thing participants have to show for them are battle wounds. (Rhino Rescue on the River, Rhino Wet ‘N’ Wild Race, Rhino Ruck, Rhino Elevation Challenges, etc)  For this challenge we have T-Shirts (for those who register by 1/2), Challenge Coins for all finishers, and the coveted ‘Band.’ I truly expect this challenge to be the best one yet, and I can’t wait to spend an obstacle-packed day with you all.

As always, I would rather have a few hundred awesome, non-whiny competitors than thousands of whiny ones. If I do something wrong that needs to be fixed, please email me at julie@camprhino.com and I will fix it pronto!!!! This competition will be filled with positive, hardworking competitors who lift each other up and always see the bright side in tough situations. Everyone else will be given their money back and asked to leave the premises!

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