Badass Dash Practice Race

Camp Rhino, 7211 South Eastern Ave Suite 120

The Badass Dash is one of the coolest obstacle course races there is. It is at the Sam Boyd Stadium and this year they are using the Stadium Stairs! They have so many obstacles, it feels like there’s barely any running! To top it off, they have a k-9 and a kids division! Get your practice in every Saturday at Camp Rhino!

Practice Days at Camp Rhino:

9:30 Beginner Obstacle Training
11:30am Practice Obstacle Race by Cory Drumright
2:00-3:00pm Obstacle Training and Practice Race

The Badass Dash uses the stadium, fields and parking lots, adds 25+ obstacles and a wild imagination and produces a truly fun, tough race. 

Badass Dash Info:
Team Name: Camp Rhino
The code CAMPRHINO is now good for 30% off!
Badass Password to join team: RhinoTough
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