Caves Workout

9135 W Maule Ave Las Vegas, NV 89148
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The southwest ‘CAVES’ workout offers lots of hills, giant steps and a view of Las Vegas. We meet at the Northwest corner of Red Ridge Park and pull tires or carry stretchers (it changes every time) to the Caves, so don’t be late! We will be weighing the fast people down with logs and tires, so don’t worry about being able to keep up! We switch out the stretcher carriers and tire drag-ers so no excuses or second guessing whether or not you can do it. Just come out and participate in the 2 hour challenge!

This is a special event, $15 for everyone.

Our next ‘CAVES’ are June 2 at 7AM-9AM!

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Watch a video from the 3/10/2013 Caves Workout

Watch a member video from the 1/20/13 Caves Workout

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