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Fit3D was founded with one mission, “Provide a re-baselining technology that truly motivates the user to reach their wellness goals.”

From Julie, Owner of Camp Rhino:

“I’ve always been frustrated trying to figure out if I’m seeing results based solely on the scale, hand held body fat testers or tape measurements. Being told that I lost inches is awesome! Being told I lost Body Fat is awesome! But sometimes I just wish I could SEE the changes in finite detail, complete with accurate body composition measurements. So, I bought the best scanner on the market, the FIt3D. The only one in Las Vegas, it’s the best way to track progress.

Personally, I’m going to use it for a second purpose as well. Because I’ve had a life-long struggle with weightloss, I always feel like I’m going to wake up one day and be fat again. I feel like I gain weight without knowing it, and by the time I’ve gained the weight, I have to work SO hard to get back to where I was. Because my weight fluctuates, I can’t ever tell if it’s just water weight, menstrual weight, or if it’s real weight. I’m going to get on the Fit3D every week (maybe every day haha) and it will tell me in absolute detail whether or not I’m bigger or smaller, as well as my body fat composition.”

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