Seniors Strength and Conditioning

Camp Rhino, 7211 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 120

Debbie Corwin is 55 years old and has been one of our trainers for over 7 years. She has worked out her entire life and is currently stronger she has ever been. This shows us that age is not an excuse. This Masters Strength and Conditioning program at Camp Rhino is for those who are 50+ years old and want to improve their quality of life in a safe, beginner-friendly environment.

Ben Weber, one of our members, started working out at Camp Rhino for the first time at 52 years old after his peers started going to the hospital for diseases and surgeries that could have been prevented with nutrition and exercise. He had never worked out before joining the Camp Rhino  He joined the regular classes and did the Rhino 6 Week Challenge. He found all of the classes to be beginner friendly and was able to see an increase in his strength and endurance very quickly. He lost 45 pounds and is no longer at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

We invite you to try our brand new Seniors Strength and Conditioning program anytime you’re ready. Just schedule your one on one session. It’s always more fun with a group, so bring your friends for a discount!

Call (702) 767-8797 for information.

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