Obstacle Course Race Training Program

Custom training programs include:  the 99 outdoor boot camp classes, the weekend practice races and obstacle training, along with full access to Camp Rhino, the official training grounds of the Spartan Race.

4 Week Program: $75 Value: $215

8 Week Program: $199 Value: $365

12 Week Program: $299 Value: $515

Your custom training program for Spartan, Mudder, Scrambles and Dashs will be designed for you by Will Swope, (Camp Rhino Trainer and consistently top 5 in Spartan Races, 1st in Mudders and Dashs). He will design your training regimen around your schedule and location and provide support every step of the way.

Step 1: Click on the registration tab to get started! Super quick and easy registration.

Step 2: Join the Rhino Racing community Facebook Page that has a calendar of all the races, plus communication with others in the training program.

Step 3: William Swope will call you to personally put together your training regimen based on your schedule and ability level.

Step 4: Get ready to have fun and

Value based off normal membership price of $150, plus practice races.

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