Training Regimen

Get Ready for the April Obstacle Course Races!

This regimen will get us ready for the Las Vegas Obstacle Course races in April. Here is the first week: (print and x out the boxes as you complete the hours. I will post weeks 2-11 soon)

Obstacle Course Racing Training Regimen

Here’s a brand new upper body OCR conditioning circuit:

The Rhino Obstacle Course Race Regimen requires 1-3 hours of hill training per week. We’ve developed a circuit at Camp Rhino that you can substitute for one of the hill climbing hours, providing that you repeat the circuit as many times as you can in 1 hour. Train with the most intensity for the first circuit and hang on as best as you can for the repeat circuits.

Here’s Sled Rush:

If you can’t make it out to the training classes or Camp Rhino for the circuits, you can do a ‘makeup’ with the SPARTAN Workout of the Day ( but keep in mind that the SPARTAN WOD is a more general workout for those who don’t have all the equipment that Camp Rhino and Boot Camp Las Vegas provide.

Let’s fill up those top 100 spots at both races!

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