We welcome drop-ins.

Interested in overhauling your body with functional fitness? Then come train with Rhino CrossFit!

If you are already a full-access Boot Camp Las Vegas member, then Rhino CrossFit is included in your $150 membership! Same goes for our buddy-bootcampers.

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Stopping by from out of town and want to get in a WOD? Or just looking to test the waters after watching the CrossFit games and hearing your friends rave about “Fran” and “Cindy?”

Then come drop-in and try a class! Drop-In Drop-ins are regularly $25, but locals pay only $15 for their first stop in.

If you’ve completed an On-Ramp, or other beginner training program at another affiliate, then you are welcome to drop-into a class at anytime, or stop by to use our equipment for your WOD. If you HAVEN’T completed the On-Ramp, then you’ll want to stop in on a Tuesday or a Thursday. Our CrossFit trainer has set aside those days for workouts that are challenging, but which anyone can complete.

Want that full-access to ALL of our amazingly fun and difficult CrossFit classes? Then sign up for the On-Ramp course! Sign up for the On-RampThe course is $250 and is four weeks (twelve classes) of instruction on the types of functional movements that you’ll need for CrossFit. If you’re a boot camper or a member of Camp Rhino, then you will subtract what you pay from the $250 and pay the remainder. For example: If you pay $150 for the month, then you will only need to pay the remaining $100 for the course.

Join us and become one of “The Fittest on Earth.”

2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher

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