Rhino: Night Race May 2013 Results

2013 Rhino: Night Race Results

Hundreds of Rhinos braved the tough Rhino: Night Race through 30 obstacles; including a brutal Slide-For-Life, Rubber Duck Crawl, Ammo Carry and a 12 Foot Rope Wall. Crawling through silty sand in the dead of the night carrying a training gun slung over their shoulders, racers commented on the ingenuity of Camp Rhino obstacle builder Jathan Cox. Even though it’s a small, local race, the Rhino Course races always deliver on cool courses and obstacles. This particular race was solely to raise money for the FRG Family Day for the 422nd ESB. Rhino Course is looking forward to putting on more races in collaboration with the 422nd ESB. Stephen Belcher of the National Guard had a major part in the set-up and coordination of the event, along with FRG Chairperson Nichole Nguyen of the 422nd ESB.

Congratulations to everyone who got out of their comfort zone May 31st, and a special recognition to AJ Wiest, Leah Erickson and Hillary Francis for completing 3 laps and 90 obstacles on the course.

Elite Sprint Results

Endurance Rhino Night Race Results

Sprint Results

Photos by Ken Kuehne and Megan Murphy coming soon.

Everyone who participated in the set-up, race-day, and tear-down were all volunteers donating their time, including Camp Rhino and Boot Camp Las Vegas Staff. We are so thankful that all of you are so supportive of our local race and plan on doing better every year!

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