Strength & Conditioning Boot Camp

Programing For You

At Camp Rhino we have set out to create a personalized strength and conditioning program that can accommodate any level of fitness! Here’s how we are going to do it:


Fun High Intensity Workouts

Never be bored working out again! Rhino Boot Camp has everything you are looking for whether you are training for an upcoming Spartan Race or for general health!

  • Motivation
  • Team Workouts
  • Functional Training
  • Obstacle Training
  • Leveled Strength Programing

Obstacle Training

Obstacle training may sound intimidating but let us assure you, there is something for everyone! Obstacle training is functional training to the next level: Getting your body up, over, around & through anything in your way. Obstacle training improves balance, coordination and spacial awareness!

Leveled Strength Programming

Level 1: Learning how to track strength progress and basic movements for safety & efficiency.

  • Achieve level 2 by showing competency in the level 1 basic movements.

Level 2: Basic lifts (squat, press, bench press, dead lift & pull – up) with low rounds, reps and progressive weights.

  • Achieve level 3 by lifting 50% of your body weight in the pull up, press & bench press and lifting your body weight in the squat & dead lift.

Level 3: Added reps and introduction to front squat and clean & jerk.

  • Achieve level 4 by lifting body weight in the pull up, press, bench press & clean and lifting 150% body weight in squat & dead lift.

 Level 4: Added rounds and introduction to the overhead squat and squat clean.

  • Achieve level 5 by overhead squatting body weight.

Level 5: Introduction of the snatch.


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