Team Building

Choose one of our Team Building Experiences to strengthen the bond of your crew! We combine obstacle courses, puzzles, and various other challenges to develop teamwork, increase confidence, enhance camaraderie, and boost productivity in the workplace. Guaranteed to revitalize your team and replace office gossip with harrowing tales of collective accomplishments!

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Wall Challenge (All levels)

  • Two teams race to solve a puzzle while simultaneously using the pieces to build a wall
  • First team to build the puzzle wall correctly and get all teammates over the wall wins!

Sling Shot Challenge (All levels)

  • Teams must complete obstacles and exercises to collect bean bags
  • Bean Bags are shot into targets with large slingshots
  • First team to fill their target with bean bags wins

Ninja Warrior Experience (Advanced)

  • Train together to become Ninja Warriors!
  • Teams learnNinja Warrior Obstacle Techniques and then perform a Ninja Warrior Race in the finale

Tough Mudder Experience (All levels)

  • Teams learn the techniques for helping each other through Tough Mudder Obstacles
  • Teamwork and camaraderie are taught throughout the experience, preparing them for an actual Tough Mudder Race

Beginner Obstacle and Boot Camp Challenge (All levels)

  • Basic obstacle technique is taught for all of the major obstacles one would face in an obstacle course race
  • Teamwork and camaraderie are driven through team challenges and Boot Camp activities such as tire drags and log carries

Boot Camp Challenge (Beginner to advanced)

  • Tug of War, Tire Drags, Log Carries, and many other Boot Camp Team Challenges are used to squeeze every ounce of teamwork and sweat from your team!

Example: The 526 Intelligence Squadron chose to participate in 1 hour of Obstacle Technique Training, followed by the Wall Challenge, and ending with 1 1/2 hours of ‘free play’ on the obstacles. After their Camp Rhino experience, they went to Albertson’s next door and brought food to Sunset Park for a barbecue.

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