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Full Access Membership includes:

  • Crossfit (after the On-Ramp), Boot Camp, and Yoga classes (listed on the daily Camp Rhino Schedule)
  • Also includes the 99 outdoor Boot Camp Las Vegas classes around the valley
  • Facility Access Membership (open gym from 5am-9pm)

We are happy to register you manually, just give us a call at 702-767-8797 or email

We also have Saturday and Sunday events and challenges** for only $15 for everyone!

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Boot Camp*





Tons more CrossFit classes coming soon

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: must complete Beginner On-Ramp first
Tuesday/Thursday: Open to everyone

6AM-7AM* – Starting 5/20

4:30PM-6:00PM* – Starting 5/20


CrossFit On-Ramp for Beginners

7:30PM-8:30PM Beginner On-Ramp starting 5/20-6/14

Beginner Obstacle Training*

7:30PM-8:30PM Monday-Friday


7:30-8:30PM Monday

5:45-6:45PM Wednesday


Boot Camp Games

Check out the schedule to see when our next games will be!

CrossFit Games

Check out the schedule to see when our next games will be!

Obstacle Course Conditioning*

Class will resume soon. Keep an eye on our schedule!

Beginner Obstacle Training*

Check out the schedule to see when these classes will resume!


Sunday Morning Training Event/Challenge (Track, towers, etc)**

7AM-9AM (create a login and easily reserve your spot at the $15 training events)

We welcome drop-ins.

You may come in anytime during business hours to try the obstacles or complete a circuit with the trainer on the floor.

Drop In

(if you’re a full-access member, reserve your spot for classes at the front desk of Camp Rhino or call 702-767-8797)



Special Events** $15 for everyone
Classes* included in full memberships

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